Google Maps Marketing

Hire us as your company’s secret weapon in your Google Map marketing strategy.

Over the last few years, the search for the phrase “near me” has risen. In other words, people are trying to find businesses near them, whether it’s a restaurant, movie show, grocery store, or appliance center.  People normally use Google while they are searching. Google almost often shows Google My Business profiles for local searches, which is why creating and maintaining a profile is so important.

Google Maps, by far, is the most effective local search method. It is used by millions of people to look for directions to local businesses, attractions, and personal addresses. The Google Map application is also important because it is used by individuals on their mobile devices. The mobile application is a powerful marketing tool for your company , especially if the location feature is active.

That’s why it provides an enormous benefit in competitive industries to partner with IO Web Studio. We will help optimize your Google My Business profile for search, which will improve the visibility of the business in the search results. It can achieve more exposure to your target market for your business.

Our service includes :


Create Google My Business Account for your business.


Add your business information to your Google My Business profile.

Add related photos to your Google My Business profile such as service/product photo.

Manage the customer review on Google My Business.

Optimize the content of your Google My Business profile (photo and business information).

Tracking Your Google Maps Marketing Performance

Why are Google Maps Marketing important?

Google Maps listings are prioritized into positions based on the user’s location, with position “A” being the closest and most prominent. Positions “B” and “C” are also provided, in case I want more options.

  Many mobile users are prompted to search for businesses near them thanks to Google Suggest, especially when searching from their mobile device. 

Some searchers may find that predictive “near me” findings are even more prominent than they are in this example, depending on a variety of variables. It’s almost as if Google needs us to locate nearby businesses using Maps!


Consumers whо реrfоrm a local based search will vіѕіt a business within 5 miles of them.


Consumer searches on Google Maps lеаd tо ѕtоrе vіѕіtѕ wіthіn a day.

Companies wіth complete & detailed information on their Google Mу Buѕіnеѕѕ profiles are 2x as likely tо bе considered rерutаblе by соnѕumеrѕ.

This is why small businesses need to utilize Google Maps Marketing to reach locals.